Fern Tree Spa, The Spa at Half Moon

Accentuating the natural beauty of the island, the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon Resort focuses on signature touches that highlight the lush surrounding landscape. Small spa cottages replace traditional treatment rooms to bring the island into the spa facility. Connected by landscaped pathways, pools and meditation labyrinths the private spa cottages also offer guests intimate gardens and courtyards with outdoor showers. Two signature features of the spa are the Fern Tree Fall’s, which mimics the local Dunn’s River Falls, as well as the sauna, which has been designed with a large window overlooking the surrounding gardens.

In addition to the spa, six exclusive spa guest suites have been designed that overlook the Caribbean Sea. These suites include steam showers and treatment areas as well as a private soaking tubs.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hospitality, Spa, Interior Design