Design After Dark 2011 – Lightweight

“A dandelion blossom imagined as a geodesic icosahedron.”

17” diameter
Stainless steel, white birch, silk mohair

This common “weed” is a delicate, complex arrangement of tessellated florets. The feathered parachutes of each seed form a weightless polyhedron, the distinguishing silhouette of a dandelion seed clock. Nature’s geometric mimicry and the nostalgic imagery of dandelions were inspiration for the object.

The core’s white birch was selected for its organic warmness and luster. The slender stainless steel lends strength without inhibiting weight. While the tendons of silk mohair weave a lacework of soft, tensile fur. Not venturing too far into abstraction, the piece seeks realism in proportion and detail.

Like the whimsy of childhood summers, where dandelions are a sign of longer days, warm skies, and carefree afternoons, this particular dandehedron is caught in motion. The lattice of steel and silk is yet vulnerable to a capricious breath of wind as seedlets take flight.

Created in partnership with Matthew Thomas Doran.

Created for a fundraiser to benefit the Denver Art Museum Department of Architecture, Design & Graphics.

sculpture, Denver Art Museum, DAD 2011, dandelion, geometric.